Francisco Javier González Silva

Lawyer I Partner

I am a result-oriented attorney. My goal is to analyze the various dimensions of the problems raised. I am passionate about defining the available legal means, and building, planning and executing the strategy that allows us to reach objectives. I also use negotiation as a means. My purpose is to achieve solutions that satisfy my client. My practice is focused on corporate, environmental, antitrust and regulatory matters, especially in telecommunications.

Professional Experience

Francisco Javier has vast experience in the private and public fields. He has been legal advisor for national and international companies. He has been General Counsel for the Undersecretary of Telecommunications, chief of staff and advisor in the Ministries of Finance, Economy, Mining and Energy. In the international arena, he has been an advisor to the sustainable development division and the private sector department of the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC, USA.

In addition to his legal practice, he has been Chairman and director of companies in areas such as telecommunications, technologies, concessions, health, port, transportation and agriculture. He has also been a member of the board of the Chilean Publicly-held Companies System. Currently, he is president for Latin America of the American Ports Association, and an Expert of the Chilean Publicly-held Companies System.

Education and Academic Experience

Bachelor of Social Sciences in Law (J.D.), Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Law School; Master in Law (LL.M.), American University – USA; and Master in Environmental Law (LL.M.), Universidad I. de Andalucía – Spain. Francisco Javier also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Loyola College, Maryland – USA, and a Degree in Free Competition.

Francisco Javier is Professor on Environmental Law; Co-Director of the Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development; and Director of the Law and Environment Program at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Law School. He is also a member of the environmental advisory group of the same law school.

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